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      Testimonials & Reviews


Testimonials & Reviews collects reviews from your happy customers to make your store a trustworthy shopping experience. It helps Sellers to display customers testimonials on various pages and on the sidebar. It allows your customers to post testimonials. Every store owner is really interested to know what shoppers think about their store and how they appreciate the store services. By adding a testimonials form, you will be able to monitor user’s impressions about your store. Sellers can add, update, and delete the customer testimonials from their Magento dashboard. It also provides a star rating facility. The seller can add or remove the star rating option.


Testimonial Features

  1. Displays only enabled testimonials on the frontend.
  2. Place testimonials anywhere on a site by using a testimonial block.
  3. Everything would be configurable from admin.
  4. Show testimonials in the slider

Customer functionality:

  1. Ability to add a testimonial
  2. Ability to upload testimonial photo

Sellers functionality:

  1. View all testimonial in the backend.
  2. The seller can add, edit or delete testimonial.
  3. Sellers can approve a testimonial.
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